Follow Friday Blog Hop post

My mother in law is visiting. She stole my Wednesday post. I have a note here that the post is supposed to be about ‘The Big, Big World’. Maybe I’ll get to it soon?

But for now I’m making time to answer the Blog Hop question of the week:

Some people like to do it in the office. Others prefer it in bed. Some people like it on the dining room table. Get your mind out of the gutter, I’m asking where you like to write!
It depends on what I’m doing. I need absolute isolation for revision, usually in an office with a closed door if I can. I like to be around people in our family room when I’m doing notes. I can write rough drafts while a kid is playing beside me. I think I write BEST in quiet and isolation, because I’m so easily distracted. But I only need it when I’m revising. Kind of weird, huh? Anyhow, the actual place doesn’t matter nearly as much as the sound and distraction level, because wherever I’m writing I end up someplace else in my head!

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