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Today’s Question: How do you deal with a bad review?

Publicly? I ignore it or say ‘thank you’. And I resist telling them how they didn’t understand, because more likely than not I really, really want to do so.

I mean, I’ve never had a bad review. I’ve never been reviewed! But I’ve had rather nasty critiques, so I’m basing my expected behavior on that.

I think another interesting question is: would you seek out and read reviews of your work?

And I think, unless I set some boundaries, I would. And this is bad, because any kind of feedback on my stories can be incredibly distracting! I always feel unworthy of positive feedback and irritated by negative. I’ve discussed with my beta readers potentially only reading 1 and 5 star reviews since at the extremes they are more likely to amuse and interest me rather than worry and depress me.

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