Another busy Wednesday

Once again things have been eating up my Wednesday! But today I’ve been planning something fun that I’ll announce in a month or two, as well as getting important things done in the non-writing part of my life. It was good, but it totally obliterated the new writing slot I’ve finally found.

My writing schedule ends up shifting around a lot, as the people I live with move around their schedules and needs. I’ve finally decided that I need to start writing in the mornings again. Yesterday I did that and it worked very well. And something awesome happened: I discovered I was prioritizing finishing the writing task I had set myself over doing the chores I needed to do. Normally I either write for a fixed amount of time, or I can only write when I’ve accomplished the other major requirements of the day. A leftover, I think, from when I used to work in an office and could never convince myself to write true narrative while at my desk. Now that my ‘day job’ involves taking care of a house, I can’t neglect it for writing!

Or at least I couldn’t, even though I knew nobody would really mind. So I was delighted to hear myself thinking, “I’ll do those dishes if I have time after I finish detailing the rest of my locations.” I really hope I can keep it up!

I still have a post planned about the Big, Big World, and the challenges I’ve encountered in trying to plan a global story. I might get to it tonight, but if not, I’m pretty sure it’ll be up by next Wednesday. Meanwhile, I hope you have a great evening!

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