Gotta watch my big mouth

[Huh. I wrote this post and I clicked ‘Publish’ but it did not publish. Odd. Sorry!]


I have several draft posts unwritten. I have one half-written but I really shouldn’t post it, at least until I can defend my position. I’m busily testing that position out right now and man, it’s distracting.

Er, that may have come out wrong.

Here’s what I’ve been thinking about when I haven’t been writing:

  • Psychic distance: A neat little concept– one I think about a lot while writing but never had a term for. Whenever I write, I tend toward the least amount of psychic distance– which can be wordy and slow down the story. So whenever I edit (which is often right after I’ve written a sentence) I end up evaluating whether the degree of psychic distance I’ve chosen is necessary.
  • Book trailers! I’ve been watching and thinking about book trailers. I have no idea how useful they are as a marketing tool. But I’ve been interested in both trailers and credit sequences as a specialized art form for a long time. And I’ve been thinking about trailers for non-video-media for longer than there’s been a YouTube. I have a lot of thoughts about how to construct a video teaser for a book or other piece of textual entertainment. I’m working on putting some of those into practice. If I reach a point I’m pleased by, maybe I’ll share them. Or maybe I’ll just turn to brutally critiquing the trailers I find on the internet. Last night I watched at least a dozen and found only two that didn’t make me want to yawn. These were professional trailers, too!
  • Having fun! It’s been a long time since I’ve done something creative without any intent to sell or otherwise use it to market myself. A long time since I’ve made art just for myself. It’s weird!
  • The weather:  It is terrible awful no-good weather. I’m in mourning for the previous climate. Hopefully I can adjust to the new one without going insane, but some days I wonder.
  • Nightlights: Thinking about moving up the launch date of Nightlights a month. My alpha reader has started having Strong Reactions, which kind of makes me want to show it to other people. And since the mid-August date was basically drawn out of a hat, I could change it, right? But what if it messes up my flow?
  • Reader request scenes: One thing I’m planning on doing with Nightlights is, once the main story is done, writing a few scenes as reader requests. Readers can pick the characters and the subject matter (within limits) and I’ll write that scene. Sort of like DVD extras, except constructed after the main production is done.

And that’s pretty much it. Well, I’m sure it’s not. But that’s all I have in my head right now.

3 thoughts on “Gotta watch my big mouth

  1. I think most book trailers, sadly, are poorly done – even a lot of the professional ones released by Big Six publishers are depressingly amateur-looking. But when they’re done right, they’re a lot of fun! Witness Cat Valente’s “Fairyland” trailer, for instance.

    I don’t think they actually help book sales, which means I’m reluctant to sink a lot of time or money into them, but when they’re done right, they can be nice little promotional extras for a blog or site. It’s a matter of balancing the investment with the potential payout, I think, which is tricky to do and not wind up joining the ranks of “wow, that was an awful trailer” vids.

    The “reader scenes” idea is really neat!


  2. There are people who like to claim they help book sales. These are often the same people who claim they’re ‘free’, so, you know…

    But yeah. If I did one, I’d think of it as a teaser, a reward for the people already interested, and something supplemental for anybody who did buy the book. If it also made somebody who’d never heard of it interested in finding out more, that’s cool, too. I finished my first demo video, which is text+music only, for a book not my own. I should probably watch it again now that a few days have passed.


    1. Yeah – that’s the other thing that gets me. They’re not free unless you’re really quite multitalented and have a lot of time on your hands to do it all yourself!

      But hey, as a teaser and promo, if you have the skills? It could be a lot of fun! It’s just something that should never be a “requirement,” I think…that way lies madness, and really awful trailers.


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