Illumination 0.0: Nightlights

Coming soon: Nightlights, a serialized YA novel! Right now: Category placeholder!

Nightlights: Teenagers pull swords out of thin air, kill monsters, and fall in love.

Nightlights: The world is dark, and the only light is found inside of us, and the only salvation is in the hearts of others.

Nightlights: Ajax Holdren didn’t think his life could get much worse, until a pretty girl with a sword decided to fight a monster right outside his house. But it turns out the monster is after him, and she’s what passes for a guardian angel, a Nightlight– and Ajax is potentially the most powerful Nightlight ever. Once Ajax meets Natalie, he can’t go back, can’t pretend the monsters aren’t there. But going forward takes him into a world beyond imagining, where the walls talk and the sun never shines, and the mankind’s worst enemy isn’t the monsters who stalk the street but the people who make them.

Nightlights: Ajax’s miserable life takes a different path after he’s rescued from a nightmarish monster by a pretty girl with a sword.  She’s a Nightlight, a kind of teenaged guardian angel, and she offers Ajax the chance to join them.  His choice takes him to an otherworldly tower, where the walls talk and the sun never shines, and into a conflict as old as humanity.

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