Silence and Scent

All right. I’m tired but I have things to say.

First: My publisher, Candlemark and Gleam, is giving away galley proofs of Erekos. It has an ominous, well-written beginning. It actually bodes. And the priestesses in it remind me of the witches on Discworld. Despite prose as thick and rich as a swamp, the plot is definitely moving by the end of the first 20 pages. I wouldn’t call it an easy read but it definitely seems like a worthwhile one, especially if atmosphere appeals to you.

Next: I’ve been working on getting ready for the Nightlights launch. It’s going to be an ongoing process and there will be changes happening to the blog in preparation for that. But there’s other work to be done. For example, I have to decide how often to post chapters.

I was originally planning on 3 times  a week. I planned the serial to be 12-scene ‘episodes’ and that fit nicely into 3x a week, 1 episode a month (and then maybe I’d make the episodes available as cheapy ebook novelettes), finished in 11 months. But I just discovered the #tuesdayserial community on Twitter. It’s a number of people who, like me, looked at #fridayflash and said, “I can tell a longer story in 1000 word increments!” And it works in pretty much the same way: post your work, promote it on Tuesday using the hashtag, and register it on a community website.

I really like this idea and plan to participate. But most people who participate seem to only post one ~1000 word scene a week. There’s no rule saying I can’t do more, but I’m now worried about overwhelming people. I wonder if I should be?

Writing-wise, things are going… well, I guess. I need to figure out when I’m going to do a second and third round of editing, but I’m continuing to clock in a scene a day. Yesterday I realized I was 1/5th done!

Let’s see, what else…

I construct soundtracks for my writing projects. Lately, I have both an actual soundtrack in a media player, and a pandora channel inspired by that soundtrack. Sometimes the songs maybe aren’t ones you’d expect. For example, song #1 on the Matchbox Girls soundtrack is Metric’s “Gold, Guns, Girls”. Looking at the rest of that playlist, I… I can’t imagine what I was thinking. But it worked! All the songs, the Linkin Park and the Cirque du Soleil and the Bleach first OP melded together into the sound of Matchbox Girls for me, so that all I had to do was play it and I was there.

I have a soundtrack for Nightlights, too. It’s longer than the MG one and I’m only 1/5th through writing, so it might span a few CDs when I’m done. As I’ve done in the past, it has a mix of songs I just happen to like right now and songs that really seem to define some element of the story for me (usually in nearly inexplicable ways). The lead song in the playlist is Breaking Benjamin’s I Will Not Bow, although there are several close seconds. Maybe I’ll share them in another post. 🙂

Today in the grocery store, I heard an older song, one I knew quite well, and I realized it belonged in my soundtrack. I spent a few seconds trying to remember the name and artist, decided it was Heart’s Alone, and went about my business. But when I sat down to go buy a copy of Alone, it turned out not to be the song I’d heard! Oh no! I have no idea how I’m going to figure out what that song was now…

Ok, enough babbling.


One thought on “Silence and Scent

  1. Aaand you’re now entered a few times for the galley giveaway!

    Erekos is definitely not an easy novel, but it is so, so satisfying and finely wrought. It’s a delight of language and characterization and storytelling.

    I don’t think 3x weekly is necessarily too much for short updates/episodes, for what it’s worth. Plenty of webcomics update that often…


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