All the ways I do not write

I am inevitably irritated with ‘under construction’ graphics on webpages. Nonetheless, I’ve been hammering on Dreamfarmer for days now, trying to figure out a theme and a method for publishing Nightlights when the time comes.

  • I could have a separate blog. This is a last resort because I’d like to keep my writing identity on the internet consolidated. Unfortunately, a separate blog would also be the easiest to set up since I wouldn’t have to worry about sorting out blog posts from story posts and making sure the story is easily navigable without mixing blog posts into that. Another benefit is that I could have a separate look for Nightlights.
  • I could use WordPress’s categories and a theme that supports featured posts. This has some drawbacks involving navigation, which I’d probably have to do some handcoding to handle.
  • I could use a custom post type introduced in the latest major WordPress upgrade. This is a lot like the previous option but provides more flexibility for future plans.
  • I could give up on separating out the posts types and providing good navigation on a great-looking site, and cry.

You know what really irritates me? All of the development of intensive customizations for WordPress and there’s almost nothing to using it as a platform to publish fiction. A good friend of mine has resorted to using Comicpress, even though she doesn’t have any pictures, let alone comics, for her serial stories. That’s because Comicpress is one of the only ways to present an archive of posts in chronological order (instead of the reverse chronology favored by WordPress). How crazy is that? WordPress is extremely advanced these days but in order to do what I want to do, I’m going to have to end up hand-coding– and it doesn’t seem like it should be a challenging issue!

Anyhow. I didn’t want to skip a Wednesday. I also didn’t want to draw attention to my extremely unstable blog right now, but I decided maintaining my habits was more important. Hopefully you’re all reading this through an RSS feed and won’t notice anyhow. This, in any case, is all I’ve been doing (other than writing) for the past week. Every evening, I hammer on the website until I pass out. It doesn’t help that half the time the back end is utterly unresponsive, and I have to hope that’s my home network and not my lovely webhosting service. If you HAVE tried to come to this site and gotten any kind of error, could you let me know? Thanks!

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