Greetings and Crowdfunding

Hi there! Welcome to my blog if you haven’t been here before.

If you’re reading this on a feedreader and you’d rather see only Nightlights story posts, that feed exists. You can get to it from my website, the right-hand column. If you actually want to see my blatherings well… hurrah! I’ll probably switch to posting my ‘Wednesday Post’ on Tuesday or Thursday.

This week, the Livejournal community Crowdfunded Creativity is in the LJ Spotlight. I only recently joined them but they’ve been incredibly supportive and there’s tons of interesting projects linked over there.  They invited me to lead a discussion inspired by last week’s post about serials, so I am! And I think I’m going to let that stand in for my weekly post today. So please check it out!

ETA: And if you want more blatherings to read, I wrote an unusually long post over on Google+ about my tomato garden. Totally irrelevant to anything but kind of fun!

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