Favorite Character Poll

It’s time!

One of my inspirations for Nightlights is various anime and manga I’ve enjoyed. And I’ve always been amused by Favorite Character polls in manga. So here’s the First Ever Nightlights Character Poll. It’s a chance for you to talk back! Letting me know who your favorite character is will help me shape future scenes in the story. In this case, you can select 2 characters if you like, because hey, the PollDaddy software is nice like that and I know I always have trouble picking just one.

The poll will run for a week, and when it’s done I’ll post the results as well as a bit of trivia about the winning character and the runner up. ( Technically the prize should probably be a bit of sexy artwork but I doubt my efforts there would please anybody. :-))

Please feel free to use the ‘Other’ field if you’re particularly interested in a character who isn’t listed.


(Followup Post)

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