Nightlights First Poll Results

The first-ever Nightlights Favorite Character Poll has completed, and I…

Well, to be honest, I’m running behind schedule. Preschool started a few weeks ago and everybody in my house promptly got sick, and I’ve just been barely keeping my head above water.  But still, we have results!

People could vote on 1 or 2 characters, and I have no idea how many did which.

However, I did discover that the boys, Ajax and Seth, are currently in LAST PLACE, with 12% of the vote each. That’s very interesting. They’ll have to work a bit harder to win some fans in coming episodes.

Right in the middle is the lovely Miss Natalie. Totally unable to resist meddling, she kicks butt with her katana and earned 18% of the vote.

Finally, tied for first place, we have possibly the two most mysterious characters: Jehane and Kentigern, each taking 29% of the vote.  I’ve been trying to think of interesting trivia about them that isn’t currently planned for a reveal later in the story, and that’s where my ‘running behind’ and ‘barely keeping my head above water’ makes an appearance. I keep thinking, “I could share Jehane’s favorite breakfast cereal…(Honey Smacks, which she only eats as a snack),” but that wasn’t really what I had in mind originally. But my mind, it is a blank now. We’ll see what I come up with over the next few days, yes?

I will say I was pretty surprised by the results of the poll! Thank you so much for participating!

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