Updates! Personal news!

First: My cover artist is very busy doing the work that pays for our mortgage and dinner, so Illumination 2: Enemies (aka Nightlights Volume 3) is going to be delayed. Possibly there will be a double release of 3 & 4? If you are dependent on the ebooks and Can’t Wait, drop me a line and I’ll find a way to send you a proof copy of the ebook. In general I’m going to keep putting them up for 99 cents, partially because it’s hard to get them to be free on Amazon and partially because I dream of funding my Panera Bread writing excursions with writing income. But, you know, I trust it will all work out and I really want to continue making the ebooks available on a monthly schedule to those who want them.

I’m in the process of trying to make Volume 1 free on Amazon (it’s already free on Smashwords and B&N– a lick of the lolly for diehard ebook readers, you know), but it’s tricky and seems to rely on Amazon caring that people might get the book without giving them money, and thus slowly transfer their allegiance to another ebook vendor.

I’m working on other ways to promote Nightlights, too. Some of them are delayed, some of them involve asking people to click on links. I’m going to try not to be too intrusive, but I definitely want to attract more readers. If you have any ideas, let me know, and reviews on places like WebFictionGuide.com or the ebook retailers are always welcome.

Second: The production work on my Debut Novel (isn’t that a great phrase?), Matchbox Girls, is proceeding. It’s still set for February. I’m hoping I’ll get permission to show off the cover in a month or so, and I think a preorder page on Kickstarter will probably go up in December or January. I’ve been talking with the publisher about various preorder bonuses, and I think they’ll be pretty cool. And soon, I’ll be starting work on the sequel.

Speaking of my publisher, Candlemark & Gleam is a young press, with only two books out in hardcopy so far, but both of those have received Publishers’ Weekly starred reviews which is, I think, what’s known as critical acclaim. So that’s exciting.

Finally: Not only is Matchbox Girls due out in February, but I’m also expecting another release the same month. Hah hah. That’s in the way of a joke. Actually, we’re expecting our second child. The Handy Small Child gets a sibling! It’s going to be a busy month. Nightlights’ posting schedule should NOT be affected. I hope.

So there you go: updates and personal news. I now return you to your regularly scheduled story.



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