Have Another Character Poll

Happy 11/11/11!

I want to start the next Illumination on Monday, for no particularly good reason. So here’s another chance to let me know what you think of the characters. The last one, with Kentigern and Jehane winning right before they got whole scenes devoted to them, was very exciting! Remember, I’m going to write Extras (like cut scenes) when the main story is done, so if you want to make any suggestions for that future day, feel free to do so. You can also grump at me about Kentigern if you want. 🙂

Please do write in votes if the character you’re most interested in seeing more of isn’t listed. I wanted to keep it short enough to be readable at a glance but that doesn’t mean the other characters don’t count! As last time, the poll will be open for a week.

As usual, votes at TopWebFiction are useful and appreciated!

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