Hey! Check it out!

I’m inserting this into the story feed as well as my blog feed, which I try to avoid normally. But– I really wanted to show this off! It is relevant to readers of my stories!

So, I’ve had a busy week: new bus routes for the Handy Small Child, a car accident, and lots of layout and design work on Matchbox Girls. Of course, I’m not really doing any of that work myself but it’s still pretty exciting, and more fun to think about than my minivan being smashed up. And I finally have permission to show off the cover! Maybe you’ve seen it elsewhere, but I bet if so you won’t mind seeing it again!

I will, at least, put it behind a cut. 🙂


Matchbox Girls Cover

Isn’t it awesome? It’s from the talented Sean Dietrich @ Industriacide.com. There are so many details about it that I love, and I’m really looking forward to seeing it on an actual book, and listed on retailer websites.

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