It’s been busy around here.

Although not so much with things that are relevant to this blog.

Okay, maybe a little. The promotional efforts for Matchbox Girls are ramping up, and that’s exciting. I’m not sure December is a great time to be promoting a book that comes out in February, since everybody is focused on the holiday season, but hey, that’s what January and the first part of February are for. But the cover has been announced, and there’s a giveaway running on Goodreads, and my publisher has been assembling ARCs and scouting around for names willing to consider blurbing it and other names willing to review it.

I also have a cover for the third ebook volume of Nightlights but so far I haven’t had the energy to go about formatting and uploading it. My cover designer (and husband’s) new Facebook game just launched so I haven’t really been pushing him or myself. (If you like Glen Cook’s The Black Company series, it might be worth checking out. It isn’t your standard Facebook game. Indie efforts all ’round!)

And then there’s holiday stuff. It turns out that 4 years old is the age where the Handy Small Child really starts getting excited about Christmas. So I feel extra incentive to bake and do other holiday celebratory events. Unfortunately, I’m a lot more tired than usual, too. I’m recovering from a pretty awful cold, and, well, I’m in my third trimester of pregnancy. Supposedly that’s a bit of a drain.

So that’s where I’ve been for the past month or so, and where I expect to be for at least the next three weeks. I’ll try to stick my head in around the new year.

I hope you all have some great holidays.

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