Speechless Writer

Publishers want to sell books. In order to facilitate this, they try to solicit what are known as ‘blurbs’ from other published authors for upcoming books. For Matchbox Girls, we approached several writers I know and some of them agreed to read my book. They provided blurbs! I got one from Jenna Moran, who probably sent half of you here to start with. I got one from award-winning romance author Robin D. Owens. And I also got one from urban fantasy author CE Murphy!

So my publisher is also running a Kickstarter to handle preorders for Matchbox Girls. It’s been doing pretty well; it met the minimum pretty quickly and leveled off at about 40 or so backers. That seemed pretty good for a new launch from a micropress.

Then CE Murphy published a review of Matchbox Girls on her blog. It isn’t the first review published; I’ve gotten a few good ones from a couple of early book bloggers, which I’ll probably aggregate on an upcoming Senyaza Series site after I get some other stuff done. But sometime after CE Murphy published her review, I started getting a new trickle of preorders.

Well, I saw ‘trickle’ but 36 hours after the trickle started, the number of preorders has almost doubled and it’s at 900% funding. So maybe it’s more like a flash flood. Yet very small in the grand scheme of publishing launches but it still has my head spinning.

This is so exciting I don’t even know how to properly express myself. I’m not good at talking about myself. So I’m just putting it out there. If you’re interested in a paperback copy of the novel, this is a great opportunity to get one. There’s about a week left to sign up.

Other cool things are going on, too, some of which I shouldn’t talk about yet. But one I can talk about is a blog tour! My publisher has lined up a handful of blogs for me to make appearances on, around the time of the Matchbox Girls launch on February 21st. Some of them will have guest posts and some of them will have in-character posts– specifically, characters from the novel interviewing each other. I’m pretty excited about that. I’ll be posting an itinerary closer to the date, hopefully. (Assuming my other Interesting Event doesn’t take precedence. If it does the posts should still happen but I may be… busy.)

Two weeks to go!

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