Matchbox Girls Blog Tour and Update!

Two posts in one! Crossposting madness!

Guess what! In 7 days, Matchbox Girls will be out!

And in 44 hours, the Kickstarter to preorder copies and supercool bonuses is closing. And there’s a blog tour starting in a day. Schedule posted below! I may also post direct links the day of? Maybe? It depends on what’s going on.

Working on the bonuses has been interesting. Matchbox Girls is a story floating on the top of a lot of world building and character development, and all the launch preparation has given me an opportunity to write up some of that supplemental material and present it, hopefully in an intriguing way. I’m especially excited about the poster illustrated by Karen Gadient , which gives me an opportunity to provide details on one of the forms of magic in the setting. I’m also excited (and nervous) about the in-character interviews which will be bulking out the blog tour. I love the idea of showing non-canon character interactions that (ideally) still provide hints about the story itself.

The Kickstarter itself is at 101 backers. There’s a stretch goal placed at $5000 which would give everybody who gets the paperback a copy of the poster. Reaching it is the sort of dizzying dream I’m almost afraid to have. But so much of this has been like a dream: excellent reviews, phenomenal support from wonderful people, and in the end, my book, beautiful and real. So… I might as well keep dreaming. In this last 44 hours of the Kickstarter, if you can think of anyplace else to share it, anybody else who might give it a signal boost, help me out!

Here’s the schedule for the blog tour! (swiped from the Candlemark & Gleam post)

2/15: Bibliognome

2/16: Fantasy Nibbles

2/20: Rowan Cota on G+

2/21 (release day!): The Discriminating Fangirl

2/22: Adventures of 2.0

2/23: Hopeless Bibliophile

2/27: Candlemark & Gleam

2/28: Books Make Me Happy

3/01: Jo the Booky

There will be digital book giveaways at some (all?) of the blogs, plus there’s an overall grand prize which includes a paperback copy of the book and a number of other goodies. Here’s a widget to enter (or you can go to the main C&G post linked above). It’s one of those ‘earn multiple entries’ kind of thing, so check it out.

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