Blog Tour Bonus Interview

Well, after the disastrous ending of the last Character Backstage, I think we’re done with these interviews. Thank you, everyone, for—

[thumping off stage]

Lissa: Hey! We want to play!

Kari: Yeah! We can sit in chairs and talk just like grown-ups!


Kari: Everybody else got to play. Don’t be mean!

[They each climb into a chair.]

All right. Go ahead.

Kari: What do we do?

Uh, you ask questions.

Kari: [beaming] I’m good at this!

Lissa: We have to ask grown-up questions. [voice deepens, becomes stern] Kari, why did you eat all the chocolate cookies?

Kari: I shared them with you!

Lissa: You did not!

Kari: I did too. I put them on a plate and I said, “These are for Lissa.” But you didn’t eat them, and I didn’t want to waste them.

Lissa: Kari Thorne, you go to your room!

Kari: No! It’s my turn to ask a question. Don’t you think Marley is pretty?

Lissa: I dunno. She’s not pretty like the other ladies Uncle Zachariah knows. But she has a very nice smile.

Kari: Lissa Thorne, you go to your room!

Lissa: Why? I answered!

Kari: I think Marley and Uncle Zach should get married. Then Marley could stay with us all the time.

Lissa: I don’t know if that’s a good idea…

Kari: Why not?

Lissa: Dunno. Might make some people grumpy.

Kari: Those people are mean and don’t deserve Marley.

Lissa: I guess so. My turn. You should give me your doll, since you ate my cookies.

Kari: What? No way! You had your own doll, I saw it.

Lissa: I lost it. When—

[loud buzzing]

Lissa: What was that?

There are some things you’re not supposed to talk about in these interviews.

Kari: Why not? What are we supposed to talk about?

Casual things. Interpersonal things.

Kari: I don’t know what that means. What does the voice mean, Lissa?

Lissa: Boring things, I think.

Kari: [big sigh] Of course.

Lissa: I think if we made the voice and the camera go away, we could say whatever we wanted, though.

Kari: Can’t be bad.

Lissa: Not bad. Just point them at boring stuff. All the boring things they want.

Kari: Ooh! Like that tv channel with lots of old men talking.

Lissa: Yeah. Like that. Have fun, voice person.

Kari: You mean don’t have fun.

Lissa: Oh yeah. Bye!

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