Even more than telling stories, I dream of telling interactive stories. Things like Fallen London really appeal to me. To a lesser extent, so do old-style text-adventures, although those tend to focus more on puzzles than I would. I love the idea of telling a story customized to a reader’s tastes. Like, if a reader likes slow moving stories full of interesting tangents and detailed setting descriptions and backstory tidbits, they can get that story. If a reader wants a fast-paced story with every word contributing to story development, they can get that story. If a reader wants to focus on a romance, they can get a romance. If they want adventure, they get an adventure. And so on. I have no idea if I’ll ever manage to do this, but it’s a dream. 🙂

The people behind Fallen London, Failbetter Games, are launching a tool to produce games like Fallen London. It’s called StoryNexus, and they’re kind of running a contest to get into the beta. Basically, they send out beta invites to the best recruiters. I think this makes sense; they want their ground floor games to come with a built-in audience. I’d love love love to be part of that. So if you’d like to help me, you could sign up for the beta here: I’m pretty sure if you do sign up it just means you’ll get an email when the game is available to you– you’re not committing to anything, just showing your faith and/or interest in the stories I’d tell there.

So, yeah. The project I’d been planning on working on after finishing the Matchbox Girls sequel would lend itself very well to an interactive, exploratory format. So if I can get into this beta, that would dovetail very nicely. So I hope you’ll consider helping me get there!

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