Touching on three fictional experiences…

I keep wanting to post something but what will I say? Proof books, draft books, big eyed babies and fledglings who think they can already fly.

Nightlights is doing slightly better than I expected, which is to say it’s sold a couple of copies in June so far. I need to work on getting some reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. But it’s the query slushpile all over again, which is always discouraging. I produced a proof via CreateSpace which was 7×9.25, which… no.  No. That’s textbook sized. It’s amazing how book trim size influences what you expect a book to contain. So it’s back to standard trade paperback sized, and the book will be ridiculously thick.

Oh, here’s a thing. I got an email inviting me to the StoryNexus beta. Starting as a player sometime soon, then moving onto writing tools. Stay tuned for news in that regard.

I’ve also finally played through Emily Short’s Bee on Varytale and it is exactly the caliber of work I’ve come to expect from that luminary. Plus I’ve looked at some other Varytale things and I have an idea of what I’d like to use that platform for as well.  Some kind of story targeted at my son and others like him. Although last time I sat down to do that I came up with Astromantica, which is the project I want to do on StoryNexus that is no longer particularly kid-targeted…


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