I can do this. It’s easy.

I should really get around to rebuilding this website sometime. Nightlights has completed its run! It’ll be here until somebody offers me fabulous amounts of money to sell out, but it’s no longer running so the site should go back to being Dreamfarmer instead!

But… maybe later.

Gravity’s Angels proceeds. I worry about it. I always worry about my books. I worry that they’re boring, that they’re confusing, that motivations aren’t expressed clearly, that my characters are too weird to be likable. But… as Branwyn would say, “Oh well.” Writing is better than worrying.

I’m about to launch into a huge reading binge, I think. It may be followed by a huge creative binge. These things usually come in pairs. I’m still planning on doing something with both Varytale and Story Nexus, although ideally I’ll finish Gravity’s Angels first. What I want to do with Varytale keeps changing, but what I want to do with Story Nexus is pretty fixed. I also noticed the Creative Writing section on Goodreads recently and I’ve been thinking of putting little things up there. We went to Michael’s today to indulge the kiddo and I spent the entire trip consumed by creative lust. I didn’t let myself get anything, though.


And… there’s the baby. Maybe this isn’t as easy as I’d hoped. Heh.

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