On Geek Culture and Its Definition

(Some comments excerpted from Google+)

I hate hate hate when people criticize a certain kind of woman for being exactly what they’ve told her she should be.  One of many, many examples from a comment thread on a post about the supposed phenomenon of pretty girls faking geekiness for attention:

“They are lame because they have no skills and probably didnt do much in school but look at the ceiling or stare at a Cosmo Mag. Now they gotta rely on their body and their good looks to get somewhere because they werent around to learn the important things in their life like most people were. ”

It’s not so amazing, I guess, that the only kind of woman worthy of respect is the one who managed to stand up to gender indoctrination. Strong Female Characters, after all.

I especially hate it when these people say, noses in the air, that the ‘prettiest thing about a female is her mind’. That isn’t making friends here. That makes me want to hit something.

Also, I just love ‘geek culture’ credential checking. The debates over whether WoW is a qualification event are priceless!

Remember, ladies. If you’re shapely and comfortable with your body, you must also be funny, intelligent and able to supply detailed opinions about any ‘geek’ topic any male proposes. Otherwise, you’re just a poser and you’re disgusting.


Happy to see all the people coming out against Joe Peacock (who wrote the CNN article that prompted the other night’s ranting). But reading the comments is driving me up the wall. If I never see another debate about nerd vs geek vs dork again, it will be too soon. And if I think the idea of going to a con and finding your ‘people’ or your ‘tribe’ is fucking repellant.

Yes, I’ve had the experience of going to a place full of sci-fi fans and being amazed at the diversity that was encouraged. But the ‘tribe’ comment too much describes what is becoming increasingly repellant behavior, a nasty, aggressive, territorial tribalism that does nothing but reinforce bad behavior and persecutory delusions.

I understand. Everybody wants to feel special. People really, really need to stop finding their ‘special’ in the commercial products of large corporations and in the work of creators who very much want to be financially successful and thus sell to as many people who will buy. I mean, Scalzi is right. Half of (ugh) geek culture is about proselytization, which has succeeded so well that they’re no longer special superior snowflakes in a culture of haters. It’s like the Sneetches. Now that everybody has stars upon thars, the original starbellied Sneetches need to become what they avoided being before. But friends don’t let the hated become the haters. So stop it! Don’t make me break out my advice in how to appreciate yourself without hating others. your world has changed. I’d say grow up but it’s grown ups who resist change and children who are flexible. So get back to your inner geek child. I’m pretty sure they’d love the new world.

Oh, and I don’t think it’s entirely a coincidence that most of the hipsters I know also have geeky interests.



Go ahead. Tell me you don’t know what the Sneetches are, so I can cry into my lunch cereal.

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