New Schedule!

Ok, fuck it. I'm tired of feeling like I'm struggling to catch up. New schedule!

I'm going to aim for submitting Gravity's Angels to Candlemark&Gleam October 15th. This is only six months past when I wanted to finish it. Hopefully my few fans won't have written me off as a hack by then. Hopefully C&G won't hate it. Hopefully writing the last third of the book will be a breeze once Robin is in kindergarten and that will leave me time for revision. I certainly got a lot done during his two weeks of daycamp!

Then I'll spend two weeks recuperating and poking at storygame. Then I'll spend Nanowrimo as I have the last two Nanowrimos: writing an exquisitely detailed outline– a zeroth draft, really. Probably for the third Senyaza book. Then I'll spend December-March working on storygame. Then I'll spend April-October working on Senyaza 3. And I'll get into a yearly cycle that way. 

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