Mr. Blank

I read this book as a raw manuscript. Now, Justin's a great writer (this is his third small press book released this year), but maybe a third of his work is the kind of thing I'd pick up on my own. This happens to fall squarely in the sweet spot. It's got an awesome, interesting and sweet hero, a wonderful heroine and every conspiracy you can imagine, all wrapped up in a question-mark bow. You know how sometimes blurbs use the term 'romp'? I might use the term 'romp' here, if sufficiently inebriated. 'A wildly entertaining romp through a conspiracy theorist's LA,' or something. Without alcohol, I'll just say that if you read thrillers or noir or humor or urban fantasy paperbacks, you want to back this Kickstarter. And if you read ebooks, well, I'll let you know when launch day comes around.

Print Release of Mr Blank

Every conspiracy needs a guy like me. Too bad every conspiracy has one…me. And now someone wants me dead.

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