Me and blogging

Let’s just get this out there today: the inevitable post rambling about blogging.

Recently I’ve suffered from one of those changes of plans that transforms a future full of interest and excitement to a future unplanned. It left me feeling empty. It turns out that I always like to have something going on in the back of my head– daydreaming about an upcoming event, or thinking about a book I’m reading or a project I’m working on, or a forum I’m currently engaged with. And inevitably I get bored with the back of my head entertainment and something replaces it. But when it gets nudged out prematurely, I spend a few days kind of lost.

Incidentally, this back-of-head thing is one reason I haven’t historically blogged much. The contents of my head consist of 1.) daily work, which revolves around chores, children and writing and 2.) whatever’s occupying the back of my head. And I keep thinking that hearing me obsess can’t be that interesting.

But it’s the internet.

So my next excuse involves the purpose of my blog. You’ve noticed, I’m sure, that blogs tend to have purposes. A blog about making bento lunches for your children. A blog about your knitting projects. A blog about your writing trials. A blog about your fiction. A blog about being a parent. A blog about books. A blog about legal stories.

And yes, some blogs have the purpose ‘this is a blog about my daily life’.

I’m not really that kind of blogger. Since I go through my daily life half-focused on what’s happening in the back of my head, I probably miss a lot of really bloggable moments– and the ones I notice I often microblog elsewhere–

Hey! It’s been a while since I checked for an integration plugin for G+ and WordPress! (See my ADHD in action? Be right back!)

Uh, oh dear.

I think I may have just imported everything I’d ever posted on G+. I think I’ll, uh, go in and delete some of those.

There, I’ve trimmed it down to three posts. And now the baby is awake! So here’s my Sunday post! Tomorrow, I’ll do another one and there might be G+ inbetween! Or maybe not… kids keep me busy…


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