Day #2 of Actual Blogging!

My mornings are a flurry of feeding baby, feeding self, getting kindergartner dressed and off to school, cleaning up after both kids, etc. It’s not nearly as hectic as it could be, since it’s afternoon kindergarten, but we don’t get moving usually until 10 AM. The baby wakes up the first time at 6-7 AM usually but so far despite some effort I haven’t managed to convince myself I should get up then too. So usually he falls back asleep around 8 and everybody wakes up again at 9:30. One day I’m going to make it to bed early enough (and sleep well enough) that I can get up at 7 and use that first ‘naptime’ to get more work done but it hasn’t happened yet.

So after the kid is on the bus, the baby may or may not be taking a nap. He’s still working out a schedule. I try to write and I eat lunch and I supervise the baby if he’s awake. Today, I got over 2 pages written! Since that’s my current whole-day goal, I’m feeling pretty good. If I can get another 2 pages written tonight that will make up for tomorrow where I’m likely to not do nearly as well since the older child has a checkup.

After the kindergartner is home, we have ‘quiet time’ since that child hasn’t napped since he was 3. I get an extra half hour to write, possibly, or possibly I baby-wrangle. Or catch up on the web. After that… things get a bit looser. Playtime, chores, maybe a nap for the baby. I usually turn on some kind of children’s Netflix around 7 so I can work on dinner. Bedtime for the kids is 9, and then I write some more.

This is actually a very new schedule. The baby started having a bedtime only very recently. As little as a month ago, he was staying up until I went to bed, waking every 2 hours at night and only sleeping in 20 minute segments 3-4 times a day. Now it’s 2 naps of 40-80 minutes (or 3 if you count the 8 AM thing), which is much better for my sanity.

Right now the baby has pulled up to the Poang chair and is gnawing on the wooden armrest with his one tooth. I should probably get involved. The kindergartner is writing down rules, then crossing them out and crowing, “I changed the rules.”

I was going to write a post on the various projects I have brewing, but I guess I can do that tomorrow! In closing, have some goofy doggerel I wrote today instead of another half-page:

They left the house, they left for school
for five days all was cool
wash your hands it was the rule
hope makes parents into fools
sometimes it comes by air

Out flew a sneeze and floated wide
the children’s noses dripped side by side
“The curse has come upon me,” cried
the mother in despair

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