OK, I lied. Well, kind of.

Look, Pandora Hearts tells me to blame somebody else. So I’m blaming the author of Pandora Hearts, Jun Mochizuki, for writing so well that even with a poor translation I just can’t stop.

Actually, that’s a character trait for me. When I read something new, and it’s reasonably good, I can read it in a controlled fashion only until I reach what I call ‘the tipping point’, after which I can just about manage to feed my pets and children and that’s it until I finish said story. Sometimes the tipping point happens in the last fifth. Sometimes it happens in the first third. I have to carefully manage how I start reading new stories because of this. But I also have to sort of embrace it when it happens because otherwise I can get tragically spoiled. I just can’t seem to stop myself from trying to look up the most innocuous details on the internet and inevitably I see something I wish I hadn’t. The only way to avoid that is to read faster.

I also love absorbing stories socially– reading and providing thoughts as I read. Watching a series and doing the same. I don’t often get to do it, but I find it a lot of fun. It does sometimes mean I get spoiled a little…

(I don’t mind spoilers if I’m uncertain about a story or only mildly interested in them.)

How do you like to read?

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