Hey, it’s Thursday

Okay, I am now caught up on Pandora Hearts. At the end of Chapter 75, there was a little note: ‘And now the story starts to move’. This is ridiculous. It’s been full of drama and tension and excitement since nearly the beginning. I was kind of thinking it would be ending soon. But– based on that statement I have to assume it’s got at least another 40 chapters or so. This is a yay! I can read it as it comes out now and join general freak-outs.

Although it turns out I don’t freak out like some of the other fans do. I found the saddest scenes more ‘interesting’ and ‘satisfying’ and ‘poignant’ and less ‘weeping onto the iPad’. I do think the author hits emotional notes better than almost any other manga I’ve read. There have been a few bits of character interaction where I’ve been absolutely transfixed by suspense over what somebody was going to do next. But I think that maybe because I’m a writer myself part of me is always taking notes on the style and narrative choices of the author.

I mean, I’ve cried at fiction before. Sentimental commercials and trailers can make me tear up to a ridiculous degree. And I’ve wept while writing scenes myself. And sometimes I cry at endings. But midpoint pain-suffering-tragedy– I want to see what happens next!

Let’s see. Other things. Non-manga things. I watched Airplane! for the first time in my adult life this afternoon. It was kind of dumb. Funny in places but also kind of horrifying and very dull in others.

My roma tomatoes are finally ripening and I’m getting tons of green beans. September in Seattle is usually still summer, despite school starting back up. It makes up for summer not starting until June. It’s like the equinoxes are well-timed here. Must remember to plant pole beans next year. But not on cornstalks.

I keep meaning to write a post about the various projects I’m engaged on and how they’re going, ranging from ‘rough idea’ to ‘in revision’. OK, nothing is in revision yet. But not today. That sounds like a Friday kind of post, don’t you think?

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