All right, here’s my list of projects:

  • Gravity’s Angels: I’m wondering if I should change the title of this one, but I love the title so much. This is the sequel to Matchbox Girls. It’s what I think of as ‘Branwyn’s Story’ (or at least ‘Branwyn’s First Story’…  Matchbox Girls  is by no means the only story I have planned for Marley).  Branwyn is… how shall I say it? Aggressive, opinionated and not inclined to put up with bullshit. She’s also not very happy as an ordinary human in a world full of supernatural powers.
  • Citadel of the Sky and The Thrones of the Firstborn: Also titles subject to change. Citadel of the Sky is Book 1 of an epic fantasy series (or possibly a YA fantasy series). It’s complete and publishable; it’s received some extremely positive feedback from industry people. If nothing else comes along, I may be Kickstarting to acquire funding to give it a fantastic launch sometime next year (probably after Gravity’s Angels comes out to maximize my reach. Look at me, counting chickens.)
  • Astromantica: This is a setting with a story attached. It will probably be a StoryNexus game (at least the early parts). It may also be a novel. It started life as a children’s animation treatment. It’s gone through a lot of incarnations. It’s about a valley where the stars gather to have balls, the Lady who hosts those balls, and the dark spirit that lays siege to her realm. It’s also about all the ordinary people who live in the valley. And it’s a romance. It continues to be a huge challenge narratively; I know the story but figuring out how to tell it is one of those stumbling blocks that is probably really educational.
  • Unicorn and Werewolf (not a title): A warm and fluffy YA paranormal fantasy in the broad concept stage, featuring the two supernatural creatures I liked best as a teen.
  • Carouselchain:  Some worldbuilding and a collection of stories I published on the web back when blogs were ‘homepages’. I describe them as ‘exotic fantasy’, which is the term I used for fantasy that is significantly different from the bog-standard ‘medieval Europe with magic’. It has flying islands and a unique elemental framework underlying all of the various magical studies in the world. I’d like to get them up on Amazon as a collection so I can experiment with the Amazon lending library, but I need to put together a cover.


You know, summing up like that makes low-hanging fruit really clear. Hmm…

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