Updates on Jenna’s Enemies Endure project

Updates on Jenna's Enemies Endure project.

Most importantly, she's added in my favorite stretch goal, Jack o'Lantern Girl. This is Hitherby Dragons, the story of Jane and where she came from, distilled and clarified into truly magical brew. I've read it! I know! It's only book 1, only the origins, but I hunger for the rest of the story. And she's not going to work on the next one, Firewood Boy, until Jack o'Lantern Girl is out in the wild. She just won't. 

It can be hard to read Hitherby Dragons if you're not in the right space for it. It's a bunch of fiction about fiction about reality with multiple levels and complex allusions and silliness and sometimes that's like a cake covered with sweet tarts and strange-flavored jelly beans. I mean, it can be too much to easily digest, you know? But Jack o'Lantern Girl isn't like that. It goes down smooth. And it answers questions, oh yes it does. It whisks you along like a song and that song isn't even Gangam Style. Possibly Bad Romance. You know. We could maybe say Jenna's the Lady Gaga of fiction, you know. Although to be honest, Lady Gaga is the Jenna of music videos.

Anyhow. I want to see this happen.

Enemies Endure

Three novels: on living despite others' judgments; on finding a way to love even your enemies; and on winning at the game of rock-paper-scissors.

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