Still alive

This has been the first November in years that I haven’t tried to at least nominally compete in Nanowrimo. The previous two years I wrote extensive outlines– zeroth drafts.  Before that, I think I was maybe finishing Matchbox Girls?

Man, it’s been two years since I outlined Nightlights. It simultaneously feels so long ago and so recent.

Anyhow, no big writing this month. I’ve been writing little things– postcards, mostly– and playing games and reading and watching my baby learn to stand unsupported. Thanksgiving came and went and was very pleasant. I spent most of my royalty savings from All Books Ever on a new work laptop. I started sometimes sleeping through the night– and that’s a mommy lie, because I still get woken up once a night for a hungry baby but I’d have to wake up once to use the bathroom anyhow so it’s practically sleeping through the night!

I’m a little tired right now. It’s gray, very gray out. The winters here slow me down. But in December I’d like to start on a new novel. I’m not sure yet what it will be. The two leading contenders for my attention are the third Senyaza book, or a new story featuring werewolves and unicorns. I’m hoping I’ll get some help from my editor and maybe my readers in deciding.

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