Reposting here because I feel like it:

Reposting here because I feel like it:

Woke up thinking about decision fatigue and how it factors into the stress level of a messy house. And grocery shopping without a list. And holiday gift shopping. And dealing with recalcitrant children. And how hard it us to get anybody to positively identify a place to go eat, or what to have for dinner.

I have this plan I'm going to implement once the children are older ( I have many plans. Apparently once the kids are old enough to be slave labor, it's going to be wine and cupcakes. Whatever keeps me going, I guess.) anyhow, this plan: The Decider will be a rotating weekly chore. Any decision a household member can't make themselves for whatever reason, they can hand to the Decider. That person must decide! Pick a restaurant! Choose between three possible birthday gifts! Pick an evening menu! Whatever.   #blog  

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