12 lonely angels lost on earth

12 lonely angels lost on earth
shadows rob their lives of worth
one tries climbing up to heaven
the earth opens up and then there were eleven

11 broken angels wander astray
one cannot bear the light of day
she feeds upon the hearts of men
finds one hollow and then there were ten

10 vengeful angels burn what they cherish
everything they love will perish
one settles down with a bottle of wine
a man with a knife and then there were nine

9 frightened angels ignore what they know
lies as fragile as flakes of snow
one tries hiding on a frozen lake
falls through the ice and then there were eight

8 defiant angels look away from the stars
sit in the darkness and grieve for their scars
one looks up for a glimpse of heaven
stumbles off a cliff and then there were seven

7 anxious angels count grains of sand
driven by an irresistable command
they mustn't let the colors mix
one wastes away and then there are six

6 wounded angels weep tears of blood
they become a river, they become a flood
after a year the sharks arrive
one goes for a swim and then there are five

5 dreaming angels admire their hands
drifting through fantastical lands
one falls from the table onto the floor
dissolves into words and then there were four

4 forgotten angels slip through the cracks
they flow and change like candle wax
one found a spot under a sycamore tree
gave up on hope and then there were three.

3 uncertain angels beg for a sign
one builds a most magnificent shrine
assures her creator anything will do
burst into flame and then there were two

2 wailing angels can do the math
helpless before incomprehensible wrath
one admits their time is done
dies for a child and then there was one.

a solitary angel sits by the sea
god walks beside him; i've come for thee
remembers the rhyme of what will be
closes the door and turns the key
left us without a hope you see

a solitary angel walks away.


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