Feminist Kickstarter praised, slammed: news at 11.

Let’s add to a headache and incipient cold a general state of pissiness over the attacks being made on http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/susanwilson/9-year-old-building-an-rpg-to-prove-her-brothers-w/comments# . Let me be clear: my irritation is not out of blind support for the Kickstarter. I haven’t backed it. I’m not sure I would even if I could because the presentation isn’t selling me. I’m very curious about the conversations at Kickstarter over the project because it does skate close to violating KS’s own guidelines. And I’m not certain about how the extra money will be used.

And yet, the comment thread there is full of people who have spent $1 temporarily in order to post nasty and deceptive comments attacking the project. People citing research posted on Reddit’s Men’s Rights forum, which immediately gets me suspicious enough to do my own basic research to find out the truth. (Hint: former owner of website that was sold to Kinkos.com in 2000 does not equal ‘former owner of Kinkos.com’).

The project is no different than many other projects posted by financially successful people to fund their projects and get a publicity boost and spread the word of a pet issue, except the creator is maybe not as smooth at selling herself as Amanda Palmer.

This is just a stunning example of how appropriate opposition can rile me up. Somebody try to claim that the hate directed at the campaign isn’t exactly the sexism the campaign was created to speak against and I’ll point again at the Reddit forum members spamming the comments thread. What the fuck, people.

Oh, and yes, Kickstarter needs to allow backers to be banned from commenting or even backing. Why doesn’t this exist?

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