Here is a thing.

Here is a thing.

The other day, I read  a story making the rounds. British actress pretended to be the Queen to comfort a boy with Down's Syndrome who was dying of cancer. Much of the commentary was along the lines of how awesome Helen Mirren was for doing this.

I thought:
The world is evil.

But we have the ability to make it less so.

Go out, fight evil. You know how to do it. It's built into almost all of us. It doesn't take a sword, or a cape, just a heart. Just a moment.

Well, no, I lie, in the name of being encouraging. The world is evil. It is twisted. As Terry Pratchett said, it runs on suffering and it does not care. Iit is overwhelmingly large and we are very small.

But we care. We can make it less so. And there are so very many of us. A moment is a good place to start. And every moment is a victory.

(Thinking anything else is the evil speaking.)

And you've already given so many, maybe without even noticing. Well done, you. Keep up the good work. You make the world less evil.

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