Fantastrix Coloring Book

Fantastrix Coloring Book

18 hours to go on my current favorite Kickstarter (sorry, Jenna!).
It's now up to 3 coloring books at the $12 and up level. That's 59 pieces of sophisticated colorable  line art. With a push in the next 18 hours, it could end up being 4 coloring books. So I am being a little pushy. 🙂

By the way, you can see a lot of the existing artwork that is hinted at in the excerpts by going to Ellen's gallery at, so if you've been hesitant due to not seeing enough of the art, there's that.

copying to my blog!


Fantastrix, A Coloring Book For (So-Called) Grown-ups

A gorgeous, complex coloring book… for grown-ups! The intricate pen and ink artwork of Ellen Million. Color at your own risk.

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