“Pastoral, slice of life gaming,” you may be thinking. “Sounds dull!”

"Pastoral, slice of life gaming," you may be thinking. "Sounds dull!"

And you know, if all you want out of your gaming is tactical combat scenes, perhaps you're right.

But I went into Chuubo's a doubter. I, personally, like a touch of the epic and the tragic and the dramatic. I would never want to role-play My Neighbor Totoro.

And yet… And yet. Chuubo's is centered on slices of life in a setting where most of the universe has drowned and in response great powers have risen up to say, 'Not here!' and those great powers are people and you can be one of them. If desired, the slice of life can be slices of a life filled with terror and awe and yearning and passion. Your simple honest labor can be along the lines of redeeming a cosmic horror– and that can work! (Although at what price?)

You play myths and gods and children, almost entirely successfully holding the last bastion of reality against the tide of abstract chaos– but that bastion does have to be held. As Rook said once, "Things don't last forever on their own. They last if we fight." It's just the rules of engagement are less about being badass and more about simply being, as hard as you can. Less tactical fireballs, more tactical kisses.

(There are plenty of badasses.)

There's also, incidentally, a really strong narrative design system.

Anyhow, three days left. The campaign is plenty dramatic.

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The Chuubo’s Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine RPG

The Chuubo’s Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine RPG is a progressive, warm-hearted diceless game for both adventure and slice-of-life play.

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