Rainbow Brite > Today’s Fantasy

Apropos of a Twitter conversation spawned by Kameron Hurley's post on MLP Fandom and what's happening to it. (http://www.kameronhurley.com/?p=13203) I wish to reveal my secret shrine to Rainbow Brite. I know the name she had before she was Rainbow Brite, and the story of how she became Rainbow Brite is some straight-up epic stuff. I know about Moonglow and Stormy and their legit flying horses. I definitely wrote fanfiction.

(BTW, Google 'Rainbow Noir' someday. Not mine, still cool.)

We can talk about Care Bears, too. I'm pretty sure that the second Care Bear movie introduced me to the power of a redemption story and just how attractive a redeemed bad guy could be. And it did it well, guys. It didn't do the 'redeemed through death' bullshit, where the bad guy no longer has to deal with the consequences of what he did because hey he died heroically.

I went on a binge of refreshing my experiences with childhood entertainment some time ago and, yeah, some of it was schlock. But the stuff that has endured through reboot after reboot, through nostalgia toys, through transformation? It has great bones. And people? The girls' stuff was fantasy. It probably isn't a stretch to say that a childhood of Rainbow Brite and MLP and Care Bears contributed heavily to the generation of active women fantasy authors you have now. So if you like the accessible, powerful fantasy you can easily find now, thank MLP and Rainbow Brite and Care Bears.

(That's kind of like saying 'thank Mary Shelley for scifi', right? Who listens?)

Oh, and the original Transformers movie? That was kinda good, too. But everybody knows that. And of course, it had an all-star cast.


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