Infinity Key tidbits

First: The Kickstarter for INFINITY KEY starts real soon now. Somewhere between 2-5 days, we hope. It is going to be epic. It will have a lot of rewards that will hopefully appeal to, well, readers. Would you like to see a cool video we made promoting it? Of course you would.

Additionally, INFINITY KEY got a really nice Publishers’ Weekly review.  PW is one of the industry journals that libraries and other purchasing institutions use to make decisions, so if you’re interested in reading a paperback of IK but can’t afford it right now, that good review should help you convince your library to order it for you!

In other news: I ran a Facebook ad campaign for a few days. It was supposed to get me a minimum of 5 new page likes; it got me 1. That was certainly educational. Goodreads ads are at least a lot more fun. I wrote a lot of very different fun blurbs for Matchbox Girls. Unfortunately while I know which kind of ad didn’t work, the rest of them seemed to vary in popularity by day.

I’m also going to put up a Senyaza website in the next week or two, collecting up all of the bonus material, ranging from the postcards from the last Kickstarter to the various in-character interviews that have been posted as guest blogs. Some of this stuff will probably be more interesting to people who have already read the first book and now it will all be in one place.

My baby is standing on a stool in front of the sink trying to drink the warm water I put into a large soaking bowl. He’s certainly belching a lot as he says, “Wawa…” At least it’s clean. I think earlier he was trying to drink (and splash in) soapy water… I should probably hop up and mop up the mess and change his clothes, don’t you think?

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