INFINITY KEY Kickstarter is live!

This is it. Preorders of INFINITY KEY are now live @

You can get a paperback of IK, a signed paperback of IK, a matched set of IK and its prequel, etc.

The basic financial goal is pretty simple and straightforward. But I’d like to use the Kickstarter as a means of really polishing my writing skills and developing the setting. So if this Kickstarter does as well as the MATCHBOX GIRLS one, you’ll not only get getting INFINITY KEY but also the massive amount of additional material I’ll be producing as stretch goals. And hey– you can, if you want– even make requests about which elements of the Senyaza setting I develop further. And you can bet I’ll be listening very closely to the fans and supporters who make writing these stories worthwhile.

Let’s see, what else to say… The Kickstarter for MATCHBOX GIRLS was the most success I’ve ever experienced. And INFINITY KEY is getting better advance press. So I’m hopeful here that I can expand my reach a bit more and keep this whole thing going. Fingers crossed, and thanks for taking a look!

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