If you purchased a physical copy of Nightlights from Amazon, you can now get the ebook version free via Amazon’s Matchbook program. I realize this may be slightly less exciting for Nightlights than it might be for other books (since you can always read Nightlights for free on this website) but hey.

There’s about one week left on the Infinity Key Kickstarter. That also comes with a bundled copy of the ebook. 🙂

The baby’s grandma gave him a Curious George Halloween book. He was so excited he almost climbed out of his crib for it. Now he gets to lay in bed and read just like his big brother, and boy is he. And that means I should get back to work on Senyaza #3. I want to submit it by Nov 5, when I will move on to revising the Harlequin projects. It’s going to be a busy year.

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