Quick Notes on Hidden Object Games

A few quick notes so I at least have something down. I’ve barely had any fun time to myself lately and tonight I stole some time from the Senyaza stories to goof off.

I started a Mystery Case Files weeks ago and found it… dull, mostly. I think it was Dire Grove but I can’t be bothered to double check that.

Tonight I started European Mystery: Scent of Desire, mostly because I like scents. But it turned out I wasn’t in the mood for goofy unintuitive puzzles combined with melodramatic music (really? I’m supposed to use the knife to cut down the chandelier in the girl’s bedroom so I can get a rope to do what?)  and surreal but boring cut scenes. Still, I’ll probably give this one another chance, just like I’ll theoretically go back to the MCF game.

Instead I went onto the next Awakening game, Moonfell Wood. Ahhh. Now that’s the style of hidden object game I’m in the mood for. Cute baby dragons, fairies, pretty moonlit forests. I’m stopping relatively early in only because I have to go to bed.

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