Book Raffle!

Milo  James Fowler has organized a blog book raffle, which I’ve decided to participate in. Each Friday in December, you can enter to win an ebook copy of both MATCHBOX GIRLS and INFINITY KEY. For those stopping by for the first time, MATCHBOX GIRLS and INFINITY KEY are contemporary fantasy novels.

 Marley Claviger is just trying to get her life together. Stumbling into an ancient conflict between celestial forces is going to make that a whole lot harder… 

When Marley wakes up to a phone call from a pair of terrified children, she doesn’t expect to be pulled into a secret war. She rescues them from an empty house and promises to find their missing uncle. She even manages to feed them dinner. But she barely feels competent to manage her own life, let alone care for small children with strange, ominous powers… 

And when a mysterious angelic figure shows up and tries to claim the girls, it all falls apart… 

Plagued by visions of disaster, Marley has no idea what she’s gotten herself into, but she knows one thing: magical or not, the kids need her.


As her best friend is pulled into the supernatural underworld, Branwyn isn’t about to sit on the sidelines. Unfortunately, Branwyn is decidedly mortal, and in the supernatural underworld, humans are weak and helpless, no better than toys, tools and prey. But she isn’t having any of that. Branwyn wants to face the world on her own terms, mortal or not. 
When she strikes a bargain with an imprisoned faerie, Branwyn thinks she’s found the solution. He’ll teach her magic and she’ll use that magic on his behalf. It’s a great deal, until she discovers what the faeries really want from her: there’s a door that only she can open… 

I’ve offered a variety of ways to enter. Please do! Oh, and the ebooks won’t be subject to DRM so if you’re not that interested, you can gift them to a friend.  You can also check in again next Friday to enter another round!
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4 thoughts on “Book Raffle!

  1. I still don’t do twitter, but thankfully the FB thing didn’t require installing something (I’ve always refused apps for contests), so that worked!


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