Sales Numbers of a Small Press / Indie Author, 2012/2013.

The numbers of a small press / indie author:

A few notes first: I’ve chosen to focus on writing books rather than promotion, since as the parent of young children my free time is limited. Google+ is my largest social media reach, followed by Twitter and then Facebook, so I don’t have a large acquaintance, but I do have a few loyal fans and author-friends who broaden my reach some.

In 2012:

  • I sold 197 copies of MATCHBOX GIRLS (urban fantasy published by C&G). A slim majority of the sales came through the Kickstarter in January of that year.
  • I sold 31 copies of NIGHTLIGHTS (YA urban fantasy, self-published and available in free installments on the web)
  • I sold 13 copies of STORIES OF CAROUSEL CHAIN, a small self-published short story collection only available digitally on Amazon.

In 2013:

  • I sold 106 copies of MATCHBOX GIRLS (about a quarter as part of a Kickstarter bundle and about half as part of an ebook sale around the launch of INFINITY KEY).
  • I sold 10 copies of NIGHTLIGHTS.
  • I sold 4 copies of SoCC.
  • I sold 116 copies of INFINITY KEY, sequel to MATCHBOX GIRLS, most of which came from the Kickstarter in October/November.

All added up, that’s

  • 2012: 241 units, starting the year with 0 titles and ending with 3.
  • 2013: 236 units, starting the year with 3 titles and ending with 4.

I have ebook vs print book breakdown but I suspect that’s much less interesting because the majority of the print sales are via the Kickstarter.

A few more details on what little promotion has occurred: there’s been a few Goodreads ad campaigns, and both small press novels (MG and IK) have been reviewed by Publishers Weekly, IK quite favorably, MG decently so. Those books are in a couple of libraries around the USA. There’s been the Kickstarters, solid reader reviews and some very kind retweets.  I was discussed on GeekMom in January of 2013, which resulted in a sales spike of around 12 books. 🙂

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