Goodreads Ad Campaign

My subscription entertainment of choice is the Goodreads Ad system. I intermittently plunk some quarters (so to speak) in and create some very different ads and watch how they perform. The ROI is debatable, but my goal is raising corner-of-the-eye awareness and honing my own intuition re: what gets clicks. An unexpected side benefit is that I’ve become a lot better at, uh, promoting myself.

Right now I have 18 ads, 9 for MATCHBOX GIRLS and 9 for INFINITY KEY. There’s no easy way to show off the ads within the system, so I’m going to do that in this post. After experimenting with various targeting options and paying more per click, all of these run at $.10 per click and are targeted broadly at fans of SF, Fantasy, Paranormal, Manga and YA. I think a couple of the IK ones also target Romance readers.

The way the Goodreads system works (as far as I understand it) is that how much you pay per click controls where in the rotation of unclicked ads you appear; once you’re clicked on, you jump to the rotation of ‘clicked’ ads, which are shown far more often. My experiments with paying more per ad ($.50) didn’t seem to increase anything but how much I paid per click, which rapidly took it from the realm of ‘interesting game’ to ‘complete and obvious loss’. My experiments with highly targeted (by author) ads resulted in very few ad displays and almost no clicks, for no real benefit.

CTR means ‘Click Through Rate’. It doesn’t reset when an ad is modified, but the MATCHBOX GIRLS ads have been running long enough that I think previous versions have a fairly diluted effect. Most of the INFINITY KEY ads were just approved; only the first two have been on campaign before, when IK was launched.  The ads were written in the order presented, for the most part, across months.

The phrase on the first line is my internal title. Sometimes it is kind of facetious or self-disparaging, which is how I cope with blatant super-positive self-promo.

If there’s interest I can write another post when my current roll of quarters runs out for each campaign, with the current CTR.

The Ads

Matchbox Girls Plain Talk
CTR: 0.02%
Matchbox Girls
An urban fantasy focused on strong non-romantic female relationships. Published by up-and-coming indie press. Please read and enjoy!

Matchbox Girls Basic Summary
CTR: 0.04%
Matchbox Girls
In a clash between angels and the Fallen, one woman struggles to protect two children from their own destiny.

Matchbox Girls Demon Feminist
CTR: 0.05%
Matchbox Girls
The demon smiled. “Men have always thought women with power meant the end of the world. Trust me on this.”

Matchbox Girls The Spark
CTR: 0.04%
Matchbox Girls
It only takes a small thing to start a fire that will change the world.

Matchbox Girls Recipe
CTR: 0.04%
A protagonist with secret origins. Winged enemies who will do anything to erase their sin. Cute kids who can destroy the world. Buy it!

Matchbox Girls CE Murphy
CTR: 0.05%
Matchbox Girls
“Lovely worldbuilding and an unusual heroine surrounded by strong relationships… I’m impatient for the next book!” –CE Murphy

Matchbox Girls Nephilim
CTR: 0.05%
Matchbox Girls
You know how the angels sent the Deluge to wipe out the Nephilim, because they were ashamed of their sin? Yeah. It failed. Here we are…

Senyaza Recruitment Ad
CTR: 0.04%
Matchbox Girls
Feeling anxious? Not sure how you fit in? Maybe you’re a Nephilim! Senyaza Corp. is here for all your electronics and angel-slaying needs.

Monster Hunter Matchbox Girls
CTR: 0.05%
Matchbox Girls
We’re busy fighting monsters right now, but leave a message by pressing 1. Do remember to tell us the name of the scallywag in question.

Infinity Key Friendship
CTR: 0.04%
Infinity Key
Branwyn is ‘only human’ in a world with fallen angels, but refuses to let that stop her from saving her friend from a supernatural curse.

Infinity Key Publishers Weekly
CTR: 0.04%
Infinity Key
In a world of faeries and fallen angels, one mortal woman can turn everything upside down. Publishers Weekly calls it “deeply refreshing”!

Not weak
CTR: 0.0%
Infinity Key
They say we’re only human. That we’re weak. That we should let them protect us. But they didn’t protect you. Now they have to deal with me.

CTR: 0.14%
You won’t read this.
You won’t even see it. You don’t want to know. It’s safer that way. Don’t worry. We’re taking care of everything. That’s our job. Look away.

Hush, hush
CTR: 0.0%
The world is sleeping. Soon it wakes.
Soon it learns to listen. It moves, thinks, breathes. It only takes a key. But who makes the key? Soon everything changes.

Lies And Self Promotion
CTR: 0.0%
INFINITY KEY is an undiscovered winner
A stunning new entry in the field of urban fantasy, with faeries, angels and a wonderful heroine who doesn’t let her humanity slow her down.

Unlock the door.
CTR: 0.0%
INFINITY KEY: empowering urban fantasy
“Unlock the door. Wake up the world.” Come with Branwyn into Faerie to save a friend and change the world.

CTR: 0.06%
Funny, brilliant and empowering fantasy
INFINITY KEY is a reckless dash through a world on the brink of a magical singularity. Hop on board now before you fall behind.

Mean girl
CTR: 0.0%
INFINITY KEY, an urban fantasy
Mortal Branwyn is mean and cranky– and so loyal that you root for her as she steps on supernatural foes in the name of friendship.

2 thoughts on “Goodreads Ad Campaign

  1. My partner and I have been managing a pay per click campaign for virtually a full year.
    Though we see gains, my spouse and I are convinced the off the net strategies
    is actually way more powerful.


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