THE HUGOS drama!

OK, friends who only know anything about the Hugos because I insist on sharing it with you. THE STORY SO FAR. IT IS HILARIOUS.

(Quick rules overview. The Hugos are chosen through ranked voting: you rank the final nominees in the order you prefer, and can include No Award in there if you like. Then through something complicated and Australian, a winner is chosen. In a tradition dating back at least five years, the Hugo voter’s packet contains all non-televised nominated works.)

So. Wheel of Time, in its entirety was nominated for Best Novel, due to a rules loophole. The same rules loophole that let entire seasons of TV shows win, I think! Tor confirms WoT will be available in the packet. There is brisk dialog over whether this is fair or right, with many people saying they think it’s totally wrong it was nominated, etc etc. Many more people declare They Will Not Vote For WoT Because They Can’t Possibly Read It All And Voting Without Reading It All Is Wrong. Well, it is apparently 3.3 million words long…

HOWEVER this dialog is barely anything compared to:
the ALSO NOMINATED set of works (including a Best Novel nom) associated with a set of politically conservative trolls and bigots– nominated as a trolling attempt, in fact. Some people got upset about this. “We Shall Not Vote For It Because We Have To Take A Stand,” or “Because Nominating A Whole Ticket Is Wrong,” or a number of other reasons. Fair enough, given the voters and the bigots in question.

(Here a humorous sideplot emerges, in which another Conservative Bigot Author– he’s too earnest in his fedora to be a troll– resigns from the SFWA over the unaffiliated Hugo nomination _reaction_ from fans. This is somebody who once wrote a serious post about how Strong Female Characters were ruining SFF.)

And now we come to today’s twist. There are three books remaining that don’t have some black mark against them against as a nominee yet. (Neptune’s Brood by Charles Stross, Parasite by Mira Grant, Ancilliary Justice by Ann Leckie, fwiw.) These books are all published by Orbit.

Orbit has just announced that they’re going to buck tradition and NOT include the full books in the Voter’s Packet. The reason given in their statement is ludicrous doublespeak— you’d think a publishing company would be better at lying– but fine, as long as they include significant excerpts, right?

OH NO! No, now all three of these books are also stricken with the Black Mark. People are already declaring that because Orbit is being so stupid and greedy they’re going to put all three books below No Award. Because they can’t judge unless they read the FULL BOOK and they can’t be bothered to acquire the FULL BOOK if it isn’t handed to them on a platter. Oh, and they’ll NEVER buy Orbit books again!

This is better than reality TV, guys. And it doesn’t even have a producer and weird cuts!

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