Loss Leaders

Today because of some paid promo, I sold 39 copies of Matchbox Girls. This is a new high (on Amazon)! And I totally didn’t expect it since my paid promo last Tuesday (different promoter) sold… 9 over 3 days.

These are .99 cent sales, which means I get .34 per sale. Not good money. Not even a good investment so far, unless people move onto sequels, which are full-priced. But I make back investment pretty quickly if they do. For the Fussy Librarian promo, last Tuesday, let’s see… yeah. If 1 of 9 moves onto the sequels, I’ll make back investment. For today… (well I usually count the 3 days after a promo but today so far) I’d need 2 people to pick up the sequels. And that may drop over the next couple of days…

Frankly, the 1 of 9 isn’t very likely. I wouldn’t expect more than 1/4th of the purchasers to ever even open the cheapo book and I certainly don’t expect half of all readers to turn into fans. But today, 2 of 39? Much more plausible!

Unfortunately you can’t actually precisely measure if sequel sales come from promo purchases….

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