(More) Experiments in Marketing

Lots of book sales and promos. One day I’m going to write up a post on all the services I’ve used. Not quite yet, though.

Meanwhile, partially due to lack of movement outside of Amazon, I’ve put all the Senyaza books up on Kindle Select, to see how access to the Kindle Unlimited audience works out for me. What this means is if you have Kindle Unlimited, you can read them for free.

I know not all of my readers are Kindle readers. Divinity Circuit, the 4th full Senyaza novel, will be available as an epub for at least a limited time (and maybe an unlimited time; it all depends). Preferentially if you’re eager to get the ePub (or PDF) you’ll go back my Patreon for $1 a month. Otherwise I might do a temporary publish on Smashwords, or maybe use something like Gumroad as a distribution method. We shall see. I’m going to aim to have DC out in November, hopefully coinciding with the end of my current Kindle Select term (so I can take all the books out for bundles.)

In tangentially related news, I’ll be attending Worldcon in Spokane next week! It’s terrifying, even though I’ll have friends there. I’ve been a big emotional bundle. Probably this is also related to what I’ve been working on recently, which is a new YA novel written as a gift to my fifteen year old self.

I will try to take some pictures and make a post from the convention. It’s good to have records of first times and this is my first time at any Worldcon. It certainly looks to be a unique one…

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