Food for thought

We’re watching this show, my housemate and I. In it, every so often 6 chosen heroes are sent to Deal With the Demon Lord. Except this time, there are 7. They not unreasonably conclude one of them is sent by the Demon Lord. They’re trying to figure out who.

1.) If they gang up on the wrong one, they’re screwed.

2.) They have no way of knowing who the plant is.

3.) They already know that somebody raised by the Demon Lord to hate them can change their mind.

They haven’t discussed this yet but it seems OBVIOUS to me that the best and safest solution is for all 7 of them to bond strongly. Be generous to each other. Be kind. Because the absolute best and strongest solution is to make the plant care enough to hesitate and choose not to betray them. Then it’s 7 against the Demon Lord. Hah hah. Good guys win.

Food for thought.


It was really windy today. As I drove home from dropping the kid off at preschool, I watched the tall trees in my neighborhood sway.

Sometimes, in a windstorm, the trees fall. On houses, on cars. People die.

But somehow, we never say, “Ah, and now we must cut down all the trees.”

Sure, we keep an eye on dangerous trees. We assess. We trim. We remove the diseased. But even when disasters happen, we don’t respond by cutting down all the trees.

(And we don’t cut them down for a good reason! If you cut down all the trees, you lose your soil. You end up with a dustbowl. You have an infertile wasteland where nothing grows and everything is the same. Sad. And deadly.)

More food for thought.

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