Matchbox Girls Blog Tour and Update!

Two posts in one! Crossposting madness!

Guess what! In 7 days, Matchbox Girls will be out!

And in 44 hours, the Kickstarter to preorder copies and supercool bonuses is closing. And there’s a blog tour starting in a day. Schedule posted below! I may also post direct links the day of? Maybe? It depends on what’s going on.

Working on the bonuses has been interesting. Matchbox Girls is a story floating on the top of a lot of world building and character development, and all the launch preparation has given me an opportunity to write up some of that supplemental material and present it, hopefully in an intriguing way. I’m especially excited about the poster illustrated by Karen Gadient , which gives me an opportunity to provide details on one of the forms of magic in the setting. I’m also excited (and nervous) about the in-character interviews which will be bulking out the blog tour. I love the idea of showing non-canon character interactions that (ideally) still provide hints about the story itself.

The Kickstarter itself is at 101 backers. There’s a stretch goal placed at $5000 which would give everybody who gets the paperback a copy of the poster. Reaching it is the sort of dizzying dream I’m almost afraid to have. But so much of this has been like a dream: excellent reviews, phenomenal support from wonderful people, and in the end, my book, beautiful and real. So… I might as well keep dreaming. In this last 44 hours of the Kickstarter, if you can think of anyplace else to share it, anybody else who might give it a signal boost, help me out!

Here’s the schedule for the blog tour! (swiped from the Candlemark & Gleam post)

2/15: Bibliognome

2/16: Fantasy Nibbles

2/20: Rowan Cota on G+

2/21 (release day!): The Discriminating Fangirl

2/22: Adventures of 2.0

2/23: Hopeless Bibliophile

2/27: Candlemark & Gleam

2/28: Books Make Me Happy

3/01: Jo the Booky

There will be digital book giveaways at some (all?) of the blogs, plus there’s an overall grand prize which includes a paperback copy of the book and a number of other goodies. Here’s a widget to enter (or you can go to the main C&G post linked above). It’s one of those ‘earn multiple entries’ kind of thing, so check it out.
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Monday Matchbox Girls update

Hey guys! It’s MONDAY! That means you get an update on how the Matchbox Girls launch is going!

First, (Moderately) Famous Authors are reading it and seem to be liking it. There will be blurbs! This is really nifty, in a subdued I’m-cool way and totally dazzling in a stars-in-my-eyes way.

Second, my lovely Publisher and I have put our heads together and come up with another stretch goal for the Kickstarter. It involves handwritten postcards from characters! With three weeks to go for the Kickstarter I have high hopes we’ll reach it, and I’ll have an opportunity to get a really cramped hand. Although if we reach it TOO soon, I’ll probably have to come up with yet ANOTHER stretch goal reward and that… that could get challenging. Although this current stretch goal was also a challenge and now it’s my favorite idea. So, you know.

Third: Other people are saying nice things, too. This is probably not that interesting but it makes me very happy and I appreciate it. 🙂

Fourth: I’m still slogging away on Gravity’s Angels and the prequel story (which I really ought to name but probably won’t until it’s done). I’m also slogging away on things like ‘bargaining for a bassinet’ and ‘wondering where the baby clothes are’ and ‘when will I sleep again’ so it’s definitely a slog. However, progress is being made.

Fifth: There have been rumors of bookmarks. Oh yes.

Kickstart for Matchbox Girls!

Guess what! I’m posting again. Well, cross-posting.

Hi there! It’s time to announce the Kickstarter campaign to fund the print run for Matchbox Girls. This Kickstarter project also serves as the preorder process for the paperback version of the book, and includes high-level rewards such as an extra story (a prequel, in fact), some toys, and a hand bound special edition.

So! If you want a paperback copy of Matchbox Girls, this is a great way to get one!

I’ll probably be mentioning this a few times over the next month or so, but I’ll try to keep it low key. And of course if you follow me in multiple formats, you’ll see it a WHOLE BUNCH today and tomorrow. 🙂

I’m hoping to have one of my INFAMOUS TEXT TRAILERS attached to the video soon, but if that doesn’t pan out I might share it on youtube instead.

If you’ve already pre-ordered, know that you are the stuff dreams are made of. ❤

Twelfth Night

Hello! I hope everybody had a pleasant set of late-December holidays! We’re getting back into the swing of things around here, although it’s… not really the swing we had planned.

See, my husband and housemate both got laid off on the same day, ten days before Christmas. (Not a huge coincidence since they both worked on the same project.) It does rather change things, though. They paid all the bills while I worked on getting this writing thing off the ground! And while they have various things on various burners and everything may be glorious and stable again by the time March rolls around, it’s a bit uncertain right now. (And sometimes bloody terrifying.)

Right now I’m not planning on changing how I’m posting Nightlights (although I do want to talk about the ebook variant later). I will definitely be pushing Matchbox Girls when it comes out on February 21st, though. Hopefully early next week a Kickstarter will be appearing, in which interested parties can help fund the initial print run.

I’m currently about a month and a half out from my due date– yes, the Handy Small Child’s sibling will be debuting around the same time as my first published novel. Yay! However, I’m often pretty dozy as a result. I’d like to say I’ve been hard at work on Gravity’s Angels (and maybe write a post about how the current economic and social climate has influenced it) but I sometimes feel like I’m barely managing to keep my head above water. All the changes at home as the guys set up a home office and work on a playroom for the Handy Small Child have been distracting, too.

All right, so on the ebooks: I’m no longer committed to putting out the monthly ebooks. This might be a mistake in light of the layoffs, or it might be a good idea, in light of being rather pregnant and having other priorities.  Only time will tell! But they haven’t really been selling (which is fine, it was an experiment) and I’d rather save the promotional energy for other projects. I am planning on putting out the full text of Nightlights as an ebook after it finishes its run on the website, which will probably be in May or June? As usual, if this is a huge disappointment, please let me know. I don’t like disappointing people (or even abandoning ideas, really) but I’ve talked myself into the idea that people are pretty much enjoying things as they are.

I really wish there was a way to connect up WordPress and Google Plus. I always feel like I’m writing letters to distant family when I write these blog posts. I’m really much chattier in the short form! Oh well. Someday!



Hey! Check it out!

I’m inserting this into the story feed as well as my blog feed, which I try to avoid normally. But– I really wanted to show this off! It is relevant to readers of my stories!

So, I’ve had a busy week: new bus routes for the Handy Small Child, a car accident, and lots of layout and design work on Matchbox Girls. Of course, I’m not really doing any of that work myself but it’s still pretty exciting, and more fun to think about than my minivan being smashed up. And I finally have permission to show off the cover! Maybe you’ve seen it elsewhere, but I bet if so you won’t mind seeing it again!

I will, at least, put it behind a cut. 🙂

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And Now For A Word… (A Nightlights non-story post)

Hi there!

I’m still working on various ways to get the word about Nightlights, and you can help me! Until September 12 (when I expect Illumination 1 to conclude), if you post about Nightlights on your blog or social media of choice, you can get a free copy of either Illumination 0: Disintegration or Illumination 1: Guardians in ebook form– and if you opt for Illumination 1 (aka ‘volume 2’– I regret some decisions already) you can get a copy as soon as it goes up on Smashwords, which will probably be around September 5th. Just comment or drop me a line via the Contact form with a link to your post (or an anecdote, if your social media of choice is ‘real life’).

After Illumination 1 concludes, I’m going to be running a favorite character poll before starting Illumination 2. The results of this poll may influence the story! I suspect I’ll leave it open for a week or so because I believe not everybody reading reads every posting-day. 🙂 But since I’ve never done this sort of thing before, I welcome advice on duration and methodology!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you continue to enjoy the story!

Spring On Fire

After a few months of querying agents for Matchbox Girls, I decided to switch my focus to publishers. I was still interested in agents, but despite having a query that seemed reasonably functional, I was getting very few requests. I’d already realized that MG wasn’t as commercial as many other urban fantasies (and by ‘commercial’, I mean, focused on using the factors known to sell a lot- I don’t know if that’s what publishing professionals mean when they use that term) so I couldn’t blame an agent for not being interested in something that they probably wouldn’t be able to sell for very much. After all, they only get a percentage of what I would!

Still, I was pretty sure that there were people out there who would enjoy Matchbox Girls. Not everybody enjoys what’s considered commercial, after all. So I started looking at small presses as well as doing my weekly agent submissions.

A few weeks ago, the editor of Candlemark and Gleam asked to see the full manuscript of Matchbox Girls. And a week after that, she sent me an extremely nice email telling me how much she’d enjoyed Matchbox Girls, and how she’d like to send me a contract.

This made me jump up from my seat, pick up a handy child, and twirl him around in a circle. Then I sat back down sedately, asked her for the contract and started doing research.

I did a lot of research, on Candlemark and Gleam, on small presses in general, and on contracts. I thought about what I wanted for Matchbox Girls. Then, I signed the contract!

Matchbox Girls is scheduled to come out in February 2012! It’s with an editor now and I’ve already contributed my cover suggestions.  I’m pretty excited, but also pretty busy: I’m still planning on launching my serial novel Nightlights in August, and I’d like to get a draft of the sequel to Matchbox Girls done by February. I’ll also have to find time for the MG revisions and proofing.

I’ve been accelerating my schedule for Nightlights. It still won’t be complete when I launch it– which is by design and part of the experiment– but it will probably be more than half done. I’ve also been playing around with this website, since my current plan is to launch Nightlights in this blog. Some lucky invisible reader might even have seen the first scene of Nightlights when I started testing out some options!

So, yeah. I’ve suddenly got a lot going on, and I’ve been working harder than ever. But don’t worry, invisible audience! I’m still going to be posting here at least weekly. And I’m still hoping to have a contest later this summer.