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  1. My name is Lilliana D’Archangelo and I am the co-founder as well as one of the writers of The Nerd Empire. We are a blogging podcast and we are working to redefine the term nerd while promoting authors, musicians, arts and other nerdy people. I stumbled across one of your flyers/business cards at a convention and was led to your site. I love what I see and would love to discuss working on some book reviews for you. I can give you more information on our business and what we do, and feel free to check out our site

    I look forward to hearing back from you,
    Lilliana D’Archangelo


  2. I’d like to find out what happens between Severin and Branwyn, please. I could care less about her slitheryn sister Rianna. Just sayin’… (Also, as a fat woman with an ASD son, I feel a lot of community with you. Thus, my every whim should be catered to.) Thanks for your excellent world building and literate sentence structures!


  3. Yes! Just distracted for a while by small children. But I’ve just started work on the next Senyaza novel. And, as the commenter above you hopes, it will involve more of Severin and Branwyn.


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